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What's Your Style Personality?

Our personalities are something we are born with. They guide us to make decisions in our day to day lives, such as what we enjoying doing, interior design, the jobs we choose and the partners we end up with. Our Style Personality does the very same thing, but with our wardrobe!

There are 8 Style Personalities we will focus on; Bohemian, Chic, Creative, Edgy, Romantic, Sporty & Trendy. We've developed a quiz to help you identify your style personality and just how to utilize that information to guide your wardrobe.

You might be asking why we decided to take our quiz back to 1998, and make you take it manually? 😂 The truth is, many people have more than one Style Personality! By taking this quiz manually, you will be able to see just how you score for each personality. You might find that you have 2-3 dominant personalities. Either way, this will allow you to better understand your personal style, whether it is currently well defined, or you're trying to figure out how to pull everything together!

What's Your Style Personality?

1. What are your go to shoes?

a. leather embellished sandals

b. black ballet flats

c. vintage peep-toe Mary Janes

d. black platform combat boots

e. tan espadrilles

f. pink velvet bow mules

g. white sneakers

h. clear heeled sandals

2. Which celebrity style do you love?

a. Zoe Kravitz

b. Kate Middleton

c. Sarah Jessica Parker

d. Gigi Hadid

e. Jennifer Anniston

f. Lauren Conrad

g. Khloe Kardashian

h. Lizzo

3. What's your makeup routine?

a. au natural

b. natural mascara & soft pink lipstick

c. colorful eye shadow

d. dramatic eye liner & mascara

e. neutral eye shadow & lip gloss

f. rosy cheeks & pink lipstick

g. mascara and lip balm

h. bright lips & dramatic eyelashes

What's your favorite party outfit?

a. mustard flowy maxi dress

b. navy midi wrap dress

c. colorful sweater & metallic skirt

d. black leather skirt & band tee

e. honey striped tank jumpsuit

f. blush satin floral mini dress

g. mini skirt & oversized sweatshirt

h. mesh bodysuit & pink mini skirt

5. What's one of your favorite pastime?

a. music festivals

b. dinner parties

c. creating unique art pieces

d. concerts

e. backyard bbq's

f. romantic dinners

g. hiking

h. dancing

6. What colors do you gravitate towards?

a. burnt orange, beige & mustard

b. neutrals, black & white

c. every color of the rainbow

d. black, black and more black

e. tans, whites, grays & denim

f. pastels (baby blue, soft pink, etc)

g. black, white & pops of color

h. bright colors & metallics

7. Must have accessories?

a. kimono & floral crown

b. diamond studs & thin black belt

c. broaches, hair pins & unique hats

d. choker & black brimmed hat

e. leather belt & neutral scarves

f. pearls & diamonds

g. Apple Watch

h. hoop earring & snakeskin belts

8. You're going to the beach, what do you wear?

a. moss crocheted bikini

b. navy striped, v-neck one piece

c. crisscross dinosaur print one piece

d. black stars & moon high waisted tankini

e. burnt orange backless one piece

f. lilac off the shoulder, ruffle bikini

g. white crop top high waisted two piece

h. hot pink color block bikini

9. What first impression do you want people to have of you?

a. friendly & free-spirited

b. polished & poised

c. fun & creative

d. confident & unique

e. relaxed & down to earth

f. sweet & caring

g. active & sociable

h. life of the party

10. What's your daytime outfit?

a. peasant top & cut off shorts

b. tailored pants & button down shirt

c. anything with contrasting prints & colorful

d. band tee & distressed jeans

e. jeans & v-neck

f. floral dress

g. leggings & t-shirt

h. distressed jeans & crop top


Mostly a's - Bohemian

Colors: Camel, Muted Colors (burnt orange, mustard, maroon, etc.)

Patterns: Floral & Paisley

Materials & Textures: Embroidered & Crochet

Closet Staples: Fringe Vest, Peasant Tops & Bell Bottoms

Style Sisters: Natural & Romantic

You are fun loving and a free spirit, and your closet reflects that! You like flowy and embroidered fabrics. You color palette tends to be muted fall tones, but you aren't afraid of bright colors either. Bell bottoms and cut off shorts are a closet staple and you're not afraid to mix fabrics and patterns. Natural gem stones are your go to choice for accessories, probably from a handmade artisan.

Outfit Inspo


Mostly b's - Chic

Colors: Black, White, Navy & Beige

Patterns: Stripes & Houndstooth

Materials & Textures: Silk & Cotton

Closet Staples: White Blouse, Leather Handbag, Blazers & Ballet Flats

Style Sisters: Natural & Romantic

Timeless, poised and polished are what you are! Your closet is filled with a neutral color palette. Your clothes are tailor made from fine fabrics. You tend to like the colors and fabrics to match, to include your shoes, clothes and accessories. Chances are you have more dresses than pants and blazers galore! Don't be afraid to buy investment pieces, because regardless of what you buy, it will stand the test of time.

Outfit Inspo


Mostly c's - Creative

Colors: All the Colors of the Rainbow

Patterns: All of the Above

Materials & Textures: The Sky Is The Limit!

Closet Staples: Bold Accessories, Vintage Clothing & Unique Shoes

Closet Sisters: Edgy & Trendy

You're creative, unique & passionate! You easily put together a wardrobe that is original, innovative and completely individual. Your style thrives on mixing colors and patterns and your at your best when you experiment with your wardrobe. Always include a bold accessory and vintage clothing is your best friend! Don't let current fashion trends dictate your style choices, your core style reveals your artistic personality!

Outfit Inspo


Mostly d's - Edgy

Colors: Black, Red & White

Patterns: Plaid & Screen Print

Materials & Textures: Leather & Mesh

Closet Staples: Leather Jacket, Studded Belt & Distressed Jeans

Style Sisters: Creative & Trendy

You're intuitive, soulful and self confident. Your closet is probably full of black pieces, distressed jeans and combat boots. You don't let current fashion trends dictate your style. You like to add your personal flair to every outfit, whether it's a unique piece of jewelry or your favorite band front and center on a tee. Your leather jacket is your BFF and probably worn year round. Always include your favorite choker or lighting bolt earrings to complete your outfit!

Outfit Inspo


Mostly e's - Natural

Colors: Tan, White & Gray

Patterns: Solids: Stripes & Animal Print

Materials & Textures: Denim & Linen

Closet Staples: Casual Tees, Boyfriend Jeans & Espadrilles

Styles Sisters: Chic, Sporty & Bohemian

You're that calm, cool and collected BFF that always lends a listening ear. Your closet includes many relaxed and casual pieces. You gravitate towards neutral colors, but love different textured fabrics. Current trends may guide the type of pieces you purchase, you stay true to your relaxed yet put together style. You tend to shy away from loud prints and love to layer pieces together. Cotton, suede, leather and wool are some of your fabrics of choice. You typically choose pieces that require no upkeep and that last for years to come.

Outfit Inspo


Mostly f's - Romantic

Colors: Blush, Lilac & Mint

Patterns: Floral & Polkadots

Materials & Textures: Lace & Ruffles

Closet Staples: Skirts, Dresses, Lace Tops & Headbands

Style Sisters: Chic & Bohemian

Your closet is a part of who you are; it's feminine, flirty and charming! You gravitate towards silk, chiffon and lace. You probably own more dresses and skirts than pants, and they highlight your feminine curves. You never miss an opportunity to dress up. Pastels, polka dots and floral prints are your best friend! You love to rock your grandmother's pearls or vintage earrings daily.

Outfit Inspo


Mostly g's - Sporty

Colors: Black, Gray & Pops of Color

Patterns: Plaid & Pinstripes

Materials & Textures: Cotton & Spandex

Style Sisters: Natural & Trendy

You might be a major sports buff, or you just like the ease and comfort of athletic clothing. Leggings are a closet staple, along with oversized hoodies and tees. You're not afraid of a pop of color, whether it's on your sneakers or the logo on your favorite tee. Clothing with athletic brand logos are a closet staple. Cool accessories are your best friend and polish off your relaxed look; sunglasses, plaid shirts around your waist and fanny packs!

Outfit Inspo


Mostly h's - Trendy

Colors: Bright & Neon Colors; Metallics

Pattern: Color Block & Tie Dye &

Materials & Textures: Spandex & Mesh

Closet Staples: Bright Colors, Tie Dye & Clear Heels

Style Sisters: Creative, Edgy & Sporty

Make note of the date of this quiz, because all of the information listed must be current, you won't accept anything less! You follow the trends at fashion week, and just might be the one setting the trends. You aren't afraid to try new and unique combinations and you probably gravitate towards form fitting clothes, mini dresses and loud prints. Bodysuits and crop tops are probably your best friend, and you own distressed jeans in every wash. Your sneakers are dipped in bright colors, but you're not afraid to rock a 4" pair of clear heels.

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